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perts on childhood sleep disor▓ders, warns that some children could su▓ffer from apnea and if left untreat

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d Beijing to deliv▓er a presentation at the 6th annual Asian Pediatric Conference and spoke with CCTV.c▓om Panview on Sa

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turday.He was joined by Xu Zhifei, chi▓ef physician of Beijing Children’s Hospital Sleep Center. They discussed their experiences of treating sleep apnea in children."About 20 years ag▓o when I was at Tulane University in New Orle

ans, I was doing research about seemingly healthy infants ▓dying in their sleep, sudden infant death syndrome," said Dr. Gozal. "but in my sleep clin

ics, parents ke▓pt coming because of their child snoring and restless sleep ▓and would tel

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